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Warriors and Rodeo is a 501(C)3 Not for Profit organization. Steve Carter is currently on the Board of Directors and has been an integral part of W.A.R.’s growth and success.

W.A.R. serves military, law enforcement, EMS, and firefighters.

W.A.R.’s primary mission is suicide prevention.  Other programs include care packages, events, clinics, and more.

Improving quality of life, battling depression and PTSD are also integral parts of the various programs.

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My Ranger Biz was created by Dave Maestas. He highlights US Army Airborne Rangers who have become business owners.

Dave is a retired Army Master Sergeant (1994-2014), Special Forces, LRS, and 2/75 Ranger with over 3 years of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Dave is the CEO of Discover Maestro, a cutting edge digital marketing agency building community networks across America with 25 million views of his websites in 2023 and over 300,000 people on his pages and social media groups.

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