Our Crew


Steve “Twister” Carter is a man of many talents and experiences. With a career spanning from professional bull riding to serving as a US Army Airborne Ranger, he has seen and accomplished a great deal in his life.

Born and raised in a small town in the country, Steve developed a love for rodeo at a young age. He started riding bulls when he was just 16 years old, quickly becoming one of the top riders in his region. He eventually went on to compete at the professional level, traveling across the country and winning numerous competitions.

Steve’s love for adventure and challenge led him to join the US Army, where he became an Airborne Ranger. He served his country with distinction, completing multiple deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq where he was received a Purple Heart. During his time in the military, he developed a strong work ethic and a deep appreciation for teamwork and perseverance.

After leaving the military, Steve decided to put his skills to work in a new way. He started a contracting business that specializes in renovations, roofing, siding, and gutter replacement and repair. With his experience in construction and his dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, Steve quickly built a reputation as one of the top contractors in his area.

Despite his many accomplishments, Steve remains humble and committed to serving his community. He frequently volunteers his time and resources to help those in need, whether it’s rebuilding homes after a natural disaster or supporting local charities.

Today, Steve is proud to be a successful businessman, a devoted husband and father, and a respected member of his community. He looks back on his career with gratitude and looks forward to the many adventures and challenges that still lie ahead.

Doug Hopkins is the Sales Director and Project Management Lead at Carter Home and Commercial Services. Doug and Steve have worked on numerous projects over the years and are excited to bring their proven and successful business practices to better serve you. Doug has a family of four and has been married 32 years to his wonderful wife. He is also a military veteran and served in the U.S. Army.

Contact Doug for sales questions, quote generation, and all other needs.  Email:  doug.cartersales@gmail.com   Phone:  (254) 637-2050